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    1. Preamble

    Please read the Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") listed hereunder carefully before using the http://www.skioo.com website and/or the Skioo mobile application (the "Service") operated by Skioo ("us", "we", or "our").


    These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Service (the “Client”, “his”, “her”, or “him”). If you do not agree to the Terms, please do not use the Service. A validation of an order on the Service is conditioned upon your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to both direct online sales via the Service and telesales with the help of a third-party operator.


    If we fail at any time to insist upon strict performance of any obligations under these Terms, then legal requirements enforced on online sales companies that are headquartered in Switzerland are applied.

    2. Contract

    A Contract with Skioo starts with the registration of a Client or the activation of a Client account. These Terms, the rates we publish, as well as our special offers and promotions constitute an integral part of this Contract.

    3. Client

    A Client is a person who has successfully registered or activated an account with Skioo.

    4. Client Services

    The Skioo client service is available for all questions and information related to the Service. It can be reached via the following phone number 0840 000 006.

    5. Registration and Client Identification

    A Client registration occurs when the Client adds an email and password when creating his/her account on the Service.


    To create an account, the Client is asked to carefully fill in his/her personal details (including first name, family name, address, date of birth). By providing such information, the Client is responsible of ensuring the accuracy of the information provided. In case of wrongful or incorrect information communicated by the Client, we reserve the right to withdraw the Service from the Client and/or to immediately terminate the Client’s account.


    The Client has full and free access to his/her account details. The Client also has the flexibility to modify his/her account details and delete his account at any time.

    6. Credit and Payment

    By activating his/her Skioo account, the Client authorizes Skioo to obtain all payment details required for a successful order and delivery of products and services from the Service.


    In the event of a partial or total default on payment when due, Skioo will contact the Client to inform him/her of the situation and request for the payment to be made immediately. If Skioo does not receive the amount due after two reminders, Skioo reserves the right to take legal action.

    7. Prepaid Account Balance

    The balance in the Client’s account can only be used to order products and services from the Service.


    The Client can use this balance for a period of 24 months (730 days). If the Client has not used this balance for a period of 18 months (540 days), Skioo will contact the Client by phone or email to notify him/her that the balance in the account has not been used during this period. Beyond this period of 730 days of inactivity, the keycard will be deactivated and the balance remaining in the account will be cancelled. The remaining balance will not be reimbursed by Skioo.

    8. Privacy and Personal Data

    Skioo reserves the right to generate, collect, use, and register the Client’s personal information, only when in full compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations.


    Skioo has put in place strict technical and organizational security measures in order to protect the Client’s personal data against any destruction, loss, alteration, preservation or disclosure that is accidental, unauthorized, or illegal.


    By registering or activating a Skioo account, the Client accepts that Skioo collects, processes, and shares the personal information provided by the Client:

    • Within the scope of products and services provided by Skioo;
    • For account administration purposes;
    • To enhance our Service and better adapt to the Client’s needs; for example, when conducting market studies, or when commissioning authorized third-party providers to conduct market studies on our behalf.

    9. Client Outreach

    Both Skioo and other third-party companies authorized by Skioo reserve the right to contact the Client by mail, phone, SMS, or mobile push messages, in order to inform him/her of the products and services that we offer and/or other promotions and offers that could be of the Client’s interest.


    By the conclusion of this Contract with Skioo, The Client explicitly accepts to receive such information or to be contacted by such means. Should the Client wish not to receive such information or not to be contacted by Skioo, the Client can send in a request to Skioo at info@skioo.com.

    10. Prices

    Prices throughout the Solution are indicated in Swiss Francs (CHF) or Norwegian Crowns (NOK). The prices are inclusive of all taxes and include the VAT applied in Switzerland. The pricing applied by Skioo is identical in every way to the pricing offered by partnering ski resorts, with the exception of seasonal rates, resident rates, or package rates for non-consecutive multi-day lift tickets, for these rate combinations are not offered by Skioo.


    In the event of a discrepancy between the rate billed by Skioo and the one provided by the resort, the case will be handled as such:

    • In the event of a discrepancy that is in favor of the Client, the difference will be paid out to the Client within a period of 30 days, upon the Client’s request and after provision of evidence.
    • In the event of a discrepancy that is in favor of Skioo, Skioo reserves the right to request the amount due from the Client.

    11. Promotions and Discounts

    Skioo reserves the right to offer promotional offers or discounts to the Client as a means of facilitating his/her access to the ski resorts.


    To provide tailored service offerings, Skioo reserves the right to limit promotional offers or discounts to specific Clients. Unless specifically stated otherwise, promotions cannot be accumulated and cannot be paid out in cash.


    Clients are requested to pay close attention to the chronological order of promo codes they intend to use. The first promo code added to the account will be the first that can be used.

    12. Payments

    The payment process on the Service can be securely undertaken through several payment methods, which are accepted by Datatrans and/or Ogone, our payment service providers who specialize in providing secure e-commerce payment solutions.


    When a transaction occurs, the Client’s credit card details are automatically sent to the server(s) and bank(s). Datatrans and/or Ogone register all credit card details in compliance with the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCI-DSS” regulations. All credit card details are encrypted and kept secured by Datatrans/Ogone; Skioo has no access to them.


    An order is only validated when the banking payment institutions in question accept the payment. In case of a refusal the order will be automatically canceled and the Client will be notified by email. Additionally, Skioo reserves the right to refuse any order from a Client with pending disputes.


    When a payment is made through either the ‘Automatic payment’ or the ‘Prepay’ payment method, the Client acknowledges to have read Skioo’s Terms and expressly accepts them without any reservation.


    Both the ‘Automatic payment’ and the ‘Prepay’ payment method require the Client to register one or more keycard in his/her Skioo account. Every keycard holder can benefit from the Service, as long as his/her identity matches the one indicated in his/her Skioo profile. In the event of incorrect or misleading Client profile information, Skioo reserves the right to immediately terminate the Client’s account and thus block his/her access to the ski slopes.

    13. Order Confirmation

    Once a payment is made and after it has been accepted by Datatrans/Ogone, a confirmation email detailing the order is sent to the Client. Every confirmation email includes a specific order confirmation number.

    14. Access to Partner Ski Stations

    Once an ‘Automatic payment’ or ‘Prepay’ payment is made via Skioo and the confirmation email is sent, the Client is able to access the slopes of his/her resort of choice. He/she will need to carry his/her keycard and go through the resort’s access control portal to access the slopes.

    15. Cancellation

    Once the user has gone through the resort’s lift gate, the Skioo service becomes irrevocable. The service is also irrevocable in the case of exceptional situations such as disease, accident, closure of slopes or lifts, and/or bad weather conditions. In such exceptional situations, Skioo will act in accordance with the terms and conditions of the respective resorts.

    16. Responsibilities and Guarantees

    Skioo does not guarantee that its Service is free from inconsistencies, errors, or IT bugs, nor that these inconsistencies, errors, or IT bugs can always be fixed. Skioo also does not guarantee that the Service will work without any interruptions or malfunctions. Finally, Skioo cannot guarantee that its Service is compatible with third-party IT assets, other than the ones expressly validated by Skioo.


    Skioo assumes no liability for any malfunctions attributable to third-party software, regardless of whether the software is integrated to the Solution or supplied separately. Be it foreseeable or not, Skioo accepts no liability for any type of damage that can arise from the use of its Service, nor any partial or total inability to use it, including lost profit or lost opportunities.


    Finally, Skioo is unable to control the content on the websites that it redirects to via hyperlinks on its Solution. It is therefore not responsible of the content on these websites.


    The Client declares to understand the specificities and limits of the Internet, especially those pertaining to technical performance, the time generally required to consult, call-up, or transfer data, as well as the risks pertaining to Internet communication security and safety.

    18. Disputes and Jurisdiction

    Skioo shall not be held liable for any damages – be it intangible or of physical nature – resulting from a malfunctioning or a misuse of its Service. Damages include but are not limited to erroneous orders, submission of incorrect payment details, incorrect use of available rates.


    In any case, Skioo’s liability will be limited to the amount of the Client’s order. Although Skioo takes all appropriate measures to ensure that no errors occur, its liability may not be invoked in the case where a minor error and/or an omission occurs.


    As a general rule that is subject to the discretion of the courts, compliance with the provisions relating to contractual warranty assumes that the Client has met his/her financial commitments towards Skioo.


    Skioo will always be attentive to inquiries and complaints from the Client and assume that the Client taking the trouble to expose his/her case is acting in good faith. In case of dispute, the Client will first contact Skioo in order to find an amicable solution. In case of dispute, the Court of Lausanne is has sole jurisdiction, no matter what place of supply and payment method is at hand.


    In the event of an attempt at fraud, the conditions and regulations of the ski resort concerned will be applied.


    All interactions between the Client and Skioo are subject to Swiss law, regardless of the country in which the Service was purchased. Nonetheless, Skioo reserves the right to prosecute the Client at the courts where he/she resides or at any other court of competent jurisdiction.


    The present contract is subject to Swiss law.

    19. Guarantees

    Skioo shall not be held liable for non-compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the Client’s country. Skioo’s liability is systematically limited to the amount of the rate being questioned, at the date of purchase, and with no possibility for filing claims against the brand name or Product manufacturer.


    In case of dispute, you can contact Skioo at support support@skioo.com.

    20. Changes of Terms

    Skioo reserves the right to adapt or modify these Terms at any time. Amendments will be effective immediately to contracts concluded at the time of change.