• Personal data and privacy policy

    General dispositions

    Personal data collected by the mobile applications and/or website, or by any other means, your location and activity on our platforms, including the IP address from which you connect (stored for security and fraud purposes), will be collected and managed in files for which Skioo SA is responsible, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, concerning Personal Data Protection (OLPD), and Regulation (EU) 2016/670 regarding General Data Protection, based upon your consent, in order to manage all aspects of our business and contractual relationships, including the sending of commercial communications (inclusive of emails).


    This privacy policy explains how we treat your personal information, as well as your access permissions, rectification, cancellation, and other data protection rights.

    Responsibility for how your data is managed

    Skioo SA is responsible for how your data is managed, as set out in the "Terms&Conditions" section of the general conditions. Furthermore, you may contact Skioo’s data protection representative by sending an email to support@skioo.com.

    Purpose and legitimacy of your data management, recipients of the information and international transferability

    Your personal data collected through mobile applications and/or website (email, username, name, surname, gender, date of birth, country or other personal data), or any other means, your location and activity on our platforms, including the IP from which you connect (for reasons of security and fraud), and other necessary data, are used to provide you our services and offer you more personalized information of your interest.


    When you register for Skioo, or make use of Skioo's functions, from a sponsored APP or a ski resort's APP, as well as when participating in a challenge or timed route, or define a ski resort as a favorite, you are authorizing the transmission of your data to the ski resort or any commercial partner. If you do not agree, you cannot use the sponsored APP or participate in challenges or timed routes, but you may still use other Skioo services, including the website and the official Skioo APP.


    In addition, when you subscribe to the Skioo service, your data will be processed to provide you with said service and to invoice for it upon the basis of the execution of a contract (Skioo terms and conditions), for the period of validity of said contract, and then in compliance with Skioo’s legal obligations. The above data will be processed according to our payment platform Datatrans.

    Commercial information shared electronically

    When you register, we ask for your consent to send you commercial information electronically. You may opt-out from receiving these types of correspondences at any time.


    In any case, using Skioo, either via the website, or any related APPS, implies accepting to receive commercial partner-related advertising. If you do not agree, you should not use these services.

    Participation in promotions

    To participate in specific sponsored sections, your consent is required to communicate your details to the sponsor for commercial purposes, as well as to assist in prize delivery when applicable.

    Connecting to social networks and third-party online platforms

    Certain APPs and services allow you to connect to social networks and third-party online platforms. Your explicit consent is required in order to exchange data between Skioo and any third-party platform, and you must also agree to the corresponding privacy policy.

    Registering via Facebook or Google

    You can register for Skioo from your Facebook or Google account. The advantage is that Skioo can recognize you as a Facebook or Google user without the need to re-enter your password, enabling you to share your profile content on that social network.


    When you sign up from Google or Facebook, you agree that Facebook, resp. Google can furnish certain information such as your name, email, Facebook resp. Google user id, photographs and other information contained in your Facebook, resp. Google profile. All of this data will be incorporated into Skioo’s files.

    International data transfer

    Skioo is a platform available worldwide which allows you to share your information with people around the world, a fact you accept. Furthermore, when you connect with ski resorts, sponsors or social networks outside the European Union, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred internationally. We are informing you that outside of the European Union, not all countries have regulation in place that will protect the privacy of your information.

    Time limit for data storage

    Your data will be kept indefinitely, unless you request its removal. In addition, data will be stored when required by applicable laws.

    Updating personal information

    You commit to ensuring that your personal data is up-to-date, and also agree that said data is accurate, complete and not misleading. You can, at any time, update your data via the mobile application or website.

    Data protection rights

    You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation and transferability in relation to the treatment of your personal data, including being opposed to receiving any advertising sent from Skioo or ski resorts, and the transfer of your data stored at Skioo. To do so, it must be submitted in a structured format, either by sending us a written letter or email to support@skioo.com with the reference "OLPD", accompanied by a copy of your I.D. (government issued identification) and indicating:


    • Your specific request;
    • Your preferred contact method to receive our response;
    • You also have the right to make a claim to the data protection supervisory authorities.


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    When you use our services, websites and APPS, with cookies and other mechanisms activated in your local storage device, we understand that you agree to use according to our cookies policy.


    Remember that you can allow, block or remove cookies and other stored data and delete your browsing history, anytime through your settings and terminal device or your Internet browser.


    None of these cookies can access your personal data, or your personal information, and, also, to your hard drive. Likewise, we inform you that use monitoring tools (like Google Analytics), which collect anonymous usage data that you do for our services.